Divorce at Home

A Texas Divorce Without Leaving Your Sofa
Over 40 years experience helping Texans through divorce.

Texas Divorce

Traditional divorce doesn't work for most people. 90% of people don't need expensive attorney’s drawn-out process that drains you both emotionally and financially. Divorce@Home is different.

Divorce@Home caterers to families who want to control costs and divorce in a timely manner. We help you do this from the comfort of your home. You can file, negotiate and finalize your divorce using our technology and guidance so you save your precious time and dollars.

There are several options available with our team of experts on deck to help through the entire process.

Free Help Getting Started

Process Benefits

We work to preserve your family’s best interests by helping you navigate the process so you can focus on what is most important.

Step-by-Step Help

Our step-by-step guide makes the forms understandable so you can finalize with clarity of your decisions.

Strategy Session With Experts

We are committed to making sure your questions are answered and will arrange a call with you before you need to decide to proceed.

Will it Work for You?

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